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10 jobs that the internet killed

10 jobs that the internet killed 10 jobs that the internet killedPosted March 12, 2014, by Julia Watters 1. Encyclopaedia salesman Colliers Encyclopedia Most of us in early in richtung Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers were likely to have a full set of Encyclopaedia in the bookshelf that was the go-to for school assignments and general moments of curiosity. Once upon a time these Encyclopaedias were sold door to door by travelling salesmen. Door-to-door sales roles (anyone remember ding dong Avon calling?) were already in jeopardy when the ease of online shopping and the accessibly of free information finally shut the door in their face. 2. Journalist/reporter New York Times nachrichtenroom 1942 While these roles still exist, they do so in a very different capacity than yesteryear. Journalists and writers are increasingly being forced into freelancing roles and traditional jobs such as editor and sub-editor are all but being phased out or outsourced. Hard-hitting and informative news is also being replaced by human-interest pieces and celebrity goss making for a more consumer driven media machine as the internet trains us to opt for quick and snappy pieces over, well, actual news. 3. Music store attendant HMV Kirkgate 2013 When I was younger, I used to buy all of my singles (I wasnt cool enough for the whole album) from Sanity music store. Over the years Ive watched traditional stores such as Sanity and HMV disappear one by one, until they were all but an urban myth. Ill admit that Ive gone to the dark side and now get all my music direct from iTunes. The accessibility, speed and ability to customise your music choices make online options, such as iTunes, a huge competitor for the continuously struggling music store. It also means that many have said goodbye to their cool after school job with a sweet soundtrack and Rex Manning Day. 4. Publishers The Caxton Celebration Publishers used to hold a lot of power as the main, if only, means of getting your creative musin gs out to your audience. This would involve sending through your work, having it read by most likely a publishing assistant and then, if youre lucky enough, scoring a coveted publishing deal. These days anyone with an Internet connection can be published online via their own blog or even just through social media. Books such as 50 Shades of Grey are gaining a cult-like following through eBook self-publishing and forcing publishers to pick them up commercially. The real tragedy is that that traditional publishers would never let a piece of work called what I had for breakfast make it to print. 5. Bank teller In the branch With most of our money now moved around electronically, bank tellers are becoming less of a necessity. Even if you head into your local bank branch, youll notice that more of the processes are streamlined and some even automated through the use of technology. The other thing youll notice is how there is fewer staff (and customers) than once upon a time. After all, t hrough Internet banking you can pay your bills, transfer money and even be approved for a loan without schauplatz foot in a branch. 6. Yellow pages deliveryman Phonebook disposal When I was growing up, if you wanted to call someone you either knew the number by heart or you looked in up in the Yellow/White pages. The same applied for if you wanted to browse restaurants in the area or compare businesses. Once an anticipated delivery on your doorstep, the few print copies of the yellow pages that are still produced often remain on the doorstep until we pull ourselves away from the internet long enough to transfer it to the bin. Now the net provides us with a comprehensive list of the contact information and local guides were looking for as well as reviews and suggestions courtesy of our fellow googlers. 7. Travel agent Travel agency Its not so much that this role is obsolete, its just that everyone is now a travel agent and nobody is getting paid. Yes, the internet has opened the gren zberschreitend (and domestic) floodgates to online travel deals and packages. While travel agencies can still be seen around the place, they are usually filled with bored looking agents instead of keen travellers. The smart (and large) ones are recognising the move to online and are capitalising on this new way to reach their audiences. Unfortunately for independently run travel agencies, it often results in a no-fly zone. 8. Camera film makers/developers Kodak films If you showed a film canister to a seven year old, its likely youd get a confused look in return. Not only have digital cameras over-exposed the camera film industry but the Internet has all but negated the need for them to be printed out. Now the most common photo albums are to be found on phones, computers, Facebook or your portable hard drive. 9. Librarians High school librarian Librarians were once the sole gatekeepers of information on mass. Now Wikipedia and access to online journals are phasing out the need for t he traditional library and, with it, the traditional librarian. The role of the librarian has adapted and often now includes the need for formal training. Hybrid roles, such as teacher librarianships, are becoming more common as libraries streamline processes and people seek information through online channels. 10. Video rental store employee Video store Once the coveted part-time fleck (mainly because you got to watch movies when no one was in the store), the video rental store employee is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In fact, OC actor Adam Brody found his interest in acting while working at Blockbuster Now theyre being replaced with online avenues such as iTunes movie/TV show rentals, DVD rental machines and purchases. Not only this but video piracy has gone from a dodgy camera in the back of the cinema to high quality splicing, and the internet means that pirated copies are now widely (albeit illegally) accessible to the masses. Its not all doom and gloom though its nev er to late to jump on the digital bandwagon and up-skill through studying an online IT course. After all, the Internet has given birth to a range of new jobs and exciting occupational opportunities. Tune in next week as Julia explores 10 jobs that the Internet created.IT ResourcesSystems analyst sample resumeSystems analyst sample titelbild letterCareer Insider StoriesBrett Raven - RedBalloon Chief Technology OfficerInterested in becoming a?Management ConsultantMarketing OfficerProject ManagerSystems AdministratorHelp Desk OfficerPopular Career Searchessoftware testing courses in tafegov funded IT courses brisbanebasic computer courses in tafe perthhow to become a computer technician in australiahow to become a database administrator in australiaIT CoursesBachelor of Cyber SecurityEnquire Online Enquire OnlineGraduate Diploma of Data ScienceEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Applied Information TechnologyEnquire Online Enquire OnlineAssociate Degree of Applied Information Tech nologyEnquire Online Enquire OnlineJulia WattersRelated ArticlesBrowse moreCAREER ADVICECAREER INSPIRATIONThe 10 Best Jobs For Introverts In 2019What careers allow autonomy loving, deep thinking, detail-oriented introverts to flourish? Weve put together 10 of the best jobs for introverts in 2019.Future trendsThe Revolution of Artificial Intelligence What is artificial intelligence? Whats the future of AI? Which countries are ahead in the AI race? What impacts does AI have on your industry? We answer all your questions in one handy infographicInformation TechnologyITOnline study a perfect fit for IT studentsIts 2012, and youre looking to study an IT course. No wonder, from mobile apps to social media to cloud computing, IT plays a massive role in how we socialise, do business and organise our lives, and is one of the hottest and fastest growing industries.

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Power of Attorney FAQ - Australia-SA

Power of Attorney FAQ - Australia-SAPower of Attorney FAQ - Australia-SAGeneral InformationWhat is a Power of Attorney?A Power of Attorney is a document in which one partie (the Donor) appoints aelendher person (the Attorney) to act for him or her. There are many reasons why you might want to appoint someone else to look after your financial affairs. For example, if you are going to be out of the country for a lengthy period of time, you might want someone to do your banking while you are gone. If you are approaching old age, you may want to give a Power of Attorney to a person you trust so that he or she can manage your property for you.What are the differences between enduring and ordinary Powers of Attorney?There are two major types of Powers of Attorney ordinary and enduring.An ordinary Power of Attorney is only valid as long as the Donor is capable of acting for him or herself. If the Donor dies or becomes mentally incompetent, the Power of Attorney is invalidated.An Enduring Po wer of Attorney remains valid even if the Donor later becomes mentally incompetent. (Note the Donor must be competent at the time the Power of Attorney is made.)In either case, the Power of Attorney becomes invalid when the Donor dies. A Power of Attorney cannot be used to bequeath property upon the death of the Donor.What are the differences between general and specific Powers of Attorney?A general Power of Attorney is one that gives the Attorney the authority to do anything the Donor could do him or herself. A specific Power of Attorney is one that gives the Attorney authority to act for a particular purpose. (For example to buy or sell a particular piece of property.)Will a Power of Attorney still be valid after the Donor dies?NO. Generally Speaking, when a person dies, the Executor (also called a Personal Representative) appointed in the persons Last Will and Testament takes control of the deceased persons property and distributes it according to the instructions in the Will. If there is no Will (or if the Will is invalid), each jurisdiction has intestacy legislation that distributes the deceased persons property to his or her relatives according to a set of rules. A court generally appoints an Administrator to oversee this process. Unfortunately, the deceased persons wishes are not taken into account during the process (which can be very lengthy), since they have not been formally expressed in the proper manner.Will a Power of Attorney allow me to appoint someone to make welfare and medical decisions on my behalf?In most of Australia, powers of attorney do not give someone the right to make decisions about your welfare or medical treatment. Usually, a medical power of attorney or anticipatory directive is required to verstndigung im strafverfahren with non-financial matters. The exception to this rule is found in Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. In the Australian Capital Territory you can use your Enduring Power of Attorney to appoint someone to run your everyday affairs (other than property and money) and consent to medical treatment and medical donation while you are incapacitated. In Queensland you can use your Enduring Power of Attorney to appoint someone to make personal and health decisions when your capacity is impaired.The DonorWho is the Donor?The Donor is the person who needs someone else to act for him or her. The Donor must be an adult. The Donor must be capable of making his or her own decisions at the time the Power of Attorney is executed (signed).What is incapacity?A person is incapable of managing property if the person is unable to understand information relevant to making a decision about the management of property, or if the person cannot appreciate the foreseeable consequences of making (or not making) a decision about the management of property.The AttorneyWho is the Attorney?The person appointed by the Donor is called the Attorney. The Attorney is the person who acts for the Donor.Does the Attorney have to be a lawyer?No, there is no need for the Attorney to be a lawyer. (See below for Attorney qualifications.)What qualifications does an Attorney need to have?The Attorney must be a capable adult. The Attorney cannot be an undischarged bankrupt. The Attorney should not be the owner, operator or employee of a nursing home or extended care facility in which the Donor is a resident.What qualities should I look for in an Attorney?Your Attorney must be someone whom you trust completely. In addition, remember that your Attorney will have complete authority to deal with your financial and legal affairs (subject to any limitations or restrictions specified in your Power of Attorney). You should ensure that the person you choose has adequate financial management skills and sufficient time to handle your affairs properly. Your Attorney must be available when required, be able to objectively make decisions and be able to keep accurate financial records.What are the responsibilities of my Attorney?Your Attorney has the following responsibilities to act in your best interest to keep accurate records of dealings/transaction undertaken on your behalf to act for you with the utmost good faith and to avoid situations where there is a conflict of interest and to keep your property and money separate from their own.Is it okay to appoint a relative as Attorney?Yes, people often appoint relatives as Attorneys.Can my Attorney also be a beneficiary in my will?Yes.What are Joint or Joint Several Attorneys?Sometimes a Donor will want to appoint two Attorneys. In that case the Donor must decide whether the Attorneys will be joint Attorneys or joint and several Attorneys. Joint Attorneys must act together. They must both agree before any action can be taken, and they must both take the same action at the same time. If one is absent, no action can be taken. Joint and several Attorneys can act together or individually. Either one can take an action without consulting the other. If one is absent, the other can still act.Place and TimeWhat is Jurisdiction?A jurisdiction is a place that has its own laws. It is a territory with boundaries, such as a state or a province. For example, California is a jurisdiction in the United States, Ontario is a jurisdiction in Canada, Scotland is a jurisdiction in the United Kingdom and Queensland is a jurisdiction in Australia.What is the Governing Law?A Power of Attorney is governed by the law of the jurisdiction where the actions of the Attorney will be performed. Normally, this is the place in which the property of the Donor is located. Therefore, it is not a good idea to appoint an Attorney who resides in a different jurisdiction, unless the property or assets you want the Attorney to deal with are also in the different jurisdiction. If you anticipate that your Attorney will be acting in more than one jurisdiction, you should probably make separate Powers of Attorney for each jurisdiction.Examples If your bank accounts and other property are located in the jurisdiction where you live, you will want to appoint an Attorney who lives in the same jurisdiction. If you live in one jurisdiction but have a bank account or other property someplace else, and you want an Attorney to deal with that property, you will want to choose the place where the property is located as the governing law, and appoint an Attorney who is located in (or is willing to travel to) the same jurisdiction as the property.When does a Power of Attorney abflug?A Power of Attorney can start on a date specified in the document, or upon the occurrence of an event (such as disability or incompetence). If there is no specified date or event, a Power of Attorney starts immediately upon execution.NOTE Some jurisdictions do not allow powers of attorney that start on the occurrence of an event.How/when does a Power of Attorney end?An ordinary Power of Attorney ends automatically when the Donor becomes mentally incapacitated or dies. An Enduring P ower of Attorney ends automatically when the Donor dies. As long as you are mentally capable, you may revoke your Power of Attorney at any time by notifying your Attorney (in writing) that the Power is revoked and destroying the original Power of Attorney. Otherwise, a Power of Attorney continues in effect indefinitely, unless the document specifies an end date.Can I revoke my Power of Attorney after I have become incompetent?A person who is incompetent cannot revoke an Enduring Power of Attorney. However, an ordinary Power of Attorney is automatically revoked when the Donor is found to be incompetent.How do I revoke my Power of Attorney?You can revoke, or cancel, a Power of Attorney by giving your Attorney a written notice saying that his or her power has ended. Also, you may make a new Power of Attorney that states your previous Power of Attorney is now revoked (but you must still notify the previous Attorney of the revocation). Third parties (e.g., people or organisations that ha ve been dealing with the Attorney) must also be notified. Additionally, if your Power of Attorney is registered you must also register the revocation.Please note that if you fail to inform your attorney of the revocation, your Attorney can legally continue to make decisions on your behalf.PowersShould I put restrictions on my Attorney?When you give a general Power of Attorney, you give your Attorney the authority to do anything you could do yourself, with a few exceptions - such as areas where you possess skills that your attorney doesnt (e.g. if you are a dentist, you cannot authorise your Attorney to practice dentistry on your behalf). But there may be some things you would prefer your Attorney did not do. For example, you may want to require that your Attorney get prior approval from you before signing cheques for large amounts on your account.Should my Attorney be allowed to personally benefit from managing my assets?If the person you are appointing as your Attorney is also a me mber of your family or a beneficiary in your will, you may want that person to be able to personally benefit from managing your assets, since you intend that person to become owner of the assets eventually. Generally, however, it is probably not a good idea to allow your Attorney to personally benefit from managing your assets as this creates a conflict of interest for your Attorney, who is legally obligated to act in your best interest, not his or her own best interest.What can the Attorney do?The Attorney may transact business respecting the Donors property in all areas specified by the Donor.Is the Attorney obligated to do anything?Generally speaking, the Attorney is not obligated to act for the Donor. However, in some circumstances the Attorney may agree, in writing, to accept an obligation to take action when necessary. When the Attorney acts on behalf of the Donor, the Attorney must act in the best interest of the Donor.Does my Attorney have the authority to act while I am sti ll available and able to take care of my own finances?Generally speaking, a Power of Attorney is effective as soon as it is executed (signed and witnessed, etc.) whether or not the Donor is available or able to handle his or her own affairs. However, the document might specify that it will only be effective under certain conditions. For example, some Powers of Attorney specify that they will not come into effect unless and until the Donor has become mentally incompetent to handle his or her own finances. Note Some jurisdictions do not allow Powers of Attorney that commence upon the occurrence of a condition or event such as mental incapacity.Signing DetailsWhat does it mean to execute a document?When a person executes a document, he or she signs it with the proper formalities. For example If there is a legal requirement that the signature on the document be witnessed, the person executes the document by signing it in the presence of the required number of witnesses.How should I sign my Power of Attorney document?To be valid, you must sign the document with your usual cheque signing signature. You should also initial each page of the document. The signing and the initialing of the pages must occur in the presence of your notary or witness(es).After you have signed and initialed your document in front of your notary or witness(es), your notary or witness(es) must sign on the applicable page of the Power of Attorney and should initial each page. This must occur in your presence.Can anybody act as a witness?Your witness(es) cannot be your spouse, partner, child, your Attorney or alternate Attorney, or the spouse of your Attorney or alternate Attorney. Some jurisdictions disallow witnesses that are mentioned in your will, either as beneficiary or executor/executrix. You should generally avoid having witnesses that have any financial relationship with you. The witness(es) must be of legal age in your jurisdiction, they must have capacity and be mentally capable of m anaging their property and making their own decisions.Who can Witness an Enduring Power of Attorney?In South Australia, it is required that Enduring Power of Attorney be witnessed by 2 people who are 18 years of age or older. In addition one of these people must be authorised by law to take and receive statutory declarations or affidavits. This may include either a justice of the peace or barrister or solicitor of the Supreme Court.Does it matter where the Power of Attorney document is signed and witnessed?If your document will be used in a different jurisdiction - but not in a foreign nation - there is no problem with having the document signed and witnessed where you live, rather than where the document will be used. The witnessing requirements (number of witnesses required, whether or not notarisation is needed) should still be those of the place where the Power of Attorney will be used, however.Can I use my Power of Attorney in a different state/territory?Some territories and st ates have mutual recognition provisions in their Power of Attorney legislation which provide portability of powers within Australia. Before trying to use a power of attorney created in a different jurisdiction review the legislation of the jurisdiction where you wish to use the power of attorney to ensure that your Power of Attorney will be accepted.What if my Power of Attorney will be used in a foreign nation?If your document is intended to be used in a foreign nation, you may have to have it authenticated or legalised. This is a process whereby a government official (e.g., the Secretary of State, the Foreign Office, the Office of the Attorney General - depending on where you live) certifies that the signature of the authority (e.g., notary or solicitor) on your document is authentic and should be accepted in the foreign nation. For more information about document authentication and legalisation, contact the local consulate/embassy of the foreign country your document will be going to, or one of the following government web sitesUnited States https// Considerations Do I have to pay my Attorney?Depending on the kind of relationship you have with the person who will be acting as your Attorney, you will have to consider whether they should be paid for their services. You can stipulate in your document that your Attorney will not receive any payment except the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, or you can agree to pay your Attorney a specified amount. If you prefer, you can authorise your Attorney to pay him or herself a reasonable amount for acting for you. However, you do not need to pay your Attorney for the power to be effective. Generally, payment is only made when a trust company or other professional person/organisation is acting as your Attorney.Should I have my Attorney prepare fin ancial statements?You can require your Attorney to prepare periodical financial statements and send them to your accountant, lawyer or some other person you choose. This is a good deal of work, however, and most people do not require it of unpaid Attorneys.Note Attorneys should keep records of their actions.What are co-owned assets?If your Attorney is a family member, you may be joint owners of property. It is important to state this in your document, so that third parties dealing with your Attorney understand that the Attorney is entitled to co-own assets with you. Otherwise, the co-owning of assets could give the impression of impropriety.Do I have to record or register my Power of Attorney with the Land Titles Office?Generally speaking, a Power of Attorney has to be registered with a land titles office/department if it could affect real property (land or other real estate). For example, if the Attorney is authorised to mortgage or sell the Donors real estate, or to purchase real estate on behalf of the Donor, the Power of Attorney will probably have to be registered at the appropriate office. Usually there is a fee for registration of the document. Additionally some jurisdictions provide stricter registration requirements. In Tasmania, all Powers of Attorney (whether general or enduring) must be registered with the Recorder of Titles. In Northern Territory, all Enduring Powers of Attorney must be lodged at he Registrar-Generals Office.Is any stamp duty payable on my Power of Attorney?In South Australia powers of attorney are exempt from Stamp Duty under the Stamp Duties Act 1923.

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Office Assistant Skills List With Examples

schreibstube Assistant Skills List With ExamplesOffice Assistant Skills List With ExamplesOffice assistant positions can be found in all industries, and share a rather large set of skills. Office assistants are sometimes known as secretaries or administrative assistants, but what they do is assist in the functioning of an sekretariat. Whether the sekretariat belongs to a law firm, a medical practice, an educational institution, or a corporation, the needs are similar somebody has to file records, maintain schedules, and take care of routine communication on behalf of the people who use the office. That somebody could be you. Office Assistant Job Responsibilities While office assistant positions are generally similar to each other, the job is still variable - it just varies from day to day, rather than from office to office. Today you might act as a receptionist, tomorrow might require repairing the printer, and the day after that, youll have to bring the whole filing cabinet int o the twenty-first century. Youll need a very broad skill set to succeed. Office assistants are among the great unsung heroes of the business world, because when you do your job right, nobody notices- the office appears to run itself. But some people enjoy the fast-paced yet flexible work, the feeling of being at the heart of everything. And a good secretary can still find work almost anywhere, in any kind of organization. How to Use Skills Lists You can use unterstellung skills lists throughout your job search process. First, the names of these skills function as keywords, so use as many as you can when writing your resume. Dont rely on hiring supervisors to figure out that you have what they want, tell them directly. Second, you can use these same keywords in your cover letter. Focus specifically on the ones your prospective employer cares about most. Youll have to do your research, because while office assistant jobs are often similar, hiring supervisors vary in their priorit ies. The job description will probably include a list of required skills. Pay attention to it. Finally, you can use this discussion to plan your interview. Make sure you have ready at least one example for a time you demonstrated skills from each category listed here. It may also help to review our lists of skills listed by job and types of skill. Top Office Assistant Skills Verbal Communication Skills Communication is a critical soft skill for an office assistant. You will have to interact with your supervisor, fellow office staff, the professionals you assist, and possibly clients or people in other offices of the same organization. You all work as a team, and you are its main communication hub. Youll need to be cheerful, helpful, well-informed, articulate, and a good listener every day. Answer PhonesClient RelationsCommunicationForwarding Phone CallsMessage TakingRouting Phone CallsSwitchboardTelephoneVerbal Communication Written Communication Skills Most office assistants wr ite a lot. They might write memos, fill out forms, or draft letters or emails. Some create content for the company website or edit text for others. Clear, professional written communication is a must. CorrespondenceEmailMailMailingsTypingWord ProcessingWritten Communication Friendliness An office assistant might be the first person a client sees upon entering the office. If the offices primary occupant happens to be out at the moment, the office assistant might be the only person the visitor interacts with. You must be ready to greet every visitor with a smile and a kind word and to help them with whatever they need so far as you are able. So, good interpersonal skills are a necessity. Customer ServiceDirecting VisitorsFlexibleFriendlyGreet GuestsInterpersonalPositive AttitudeReliabilityWelcome Visitors Technology Skills In the old days, secretaries did a lot of typing. Times have changed and so has technology, but office assistants can still expect to spend plenty of time in front of a keyboard. Instead of a typewriter, youll have to know your way around a variety of software applications. Knowing how to do some light tech support and how to fix a recalcitrant printer doesnt hurt, either. ComputerExcelInternetMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft WordQuickBooksTechnology Organization Office assistants must be extremely organized to effectively to juggle their many tasks. Youll need to help keep other people organized, too, from maintaining calendars to keeping the office orderly. Administrative SupportAppointmentsBillingCalendarsClericalData EntryDelivering MailElectronic FilingExpense ReportsFilingFront Desk OperationsMoney HandlingOffice DutiesOffice EquipmentOffice Supply InventoryOffice SuppliesOffice SupportOrganizationPaperworkShipping Problem Solving Skills Problem solving, or critical thinking skills, are important for any office assistant, as youll often be the person others come to with questions or issues. Coordinate Office ActivitiesMeetingsProblem Solving Sk illsRespond to InquiriesSchedulingScreening and Directing CallsSpreadsheetsTeamworkTime ManagementTravel Arrangements

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Why Skills Testing Can Help Your Job Search - FlexJobs

Why Skills Testing Can Help Your Job Search - FlexJobsWhy Skills Testing Can Help Your Job Search 24Whether youre returning to the workforce, just starting out, or somewhere in the middle of your career, it can never hurt to learn new skills and brush up on old ones. Competition for jobs is fierce, and the person with the best-matching skill-set gets an upper leg in the application process. In case you need a friendly push to update your skills, here are three reasons why skills testing can help your job search.New ways of working require new skills.With the rise in telecommuting, freelance, and flexible jobs, once-in-demand skills are less necessary, and employers are seeking job candidates whose skills match where their industries are going, not where theyve been. Former fax machine whisperers need to update their skills to document scanning and PDF creation, for example. Make sure youve got the proper skill-set for the ever-changing workplace by testing out your skills and gaining new ones. If youre trying to work from home, try out these 5 must-have skills for the future of telecommuting jobs.When you add new skills to your resume, be sure to erase old ones. Some out-dated skills can push employers to look for other candidates with mora current skills. Millions of people are out of work, and yet millions of jobs are open and waiting to be filled all because of the mismatch between the needs of the employers and the skills job seekers have to offer.Free and inexpensive skill-building opportunities are all over the place.If you want or need to learn a new skill, or polish an old one, tons of opportunities exist. Here are some ideasCommunity education courses for quick skill buildingApprenticeships, Internships, or Externships to learn and gain experience simultaneouslyPart-time Jobs or volunteering to get a foot in the door and make connectionsFree online classes from colleges and universitiesCommunity education classes are especially good for learning new c omputer software, practicing public speaking, trying out basic web design, and learning a wide range of important skills. And nothing is better than learning while doing through part-time, temporary work experiences like internships and volunteering. The only thing thats worse than having outdated skills is doing nothing to bring yourself back up-to-date.You may not be as good as you think you are.Five years ago, you might have been the bees knees of Microsoft Word, but the software has changed a lot since then. If youre claiming proficiency in any technology-related skills on your resume, but you havent utilized the programs in a while, its time to test just how proficient you still are. members have a way to test their skills to see if they still stack up. We have over 85 Professional Skills Tests to choose from, and if you do well on the test, your score can be displayed to employers through your Resume Profile(s). Choose from tests related to.Net Technology Computer Skills DatabasesEnglish Language Finance and Accounting General ManagementGraphics Designing Intelligence and Aptitude International Languageswww Concepts Internet Programming Java TechnologiesOffice Skills Operating Systems Sales and MarketingSoftware Testing Translation Skills Web DesigningMiscellaneous Certifications NetworkingApplying for writing jobs? Test your vocabulary, proofreading, and creative writing skills first. Want to work in customer service? Take skills tests related to call center skills, telephone etiquette, and email etiquette. Want to land an information technology job? Test your skills in web services, SQL, software testing, and Ruby on Rails. The list goes on and on, so if youre a member, check out our skills tests todayimages Ambro /

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Do Not Plan Your Career

Do Not Plan Your CareerDo Not Plan Your CareerThe worlds leading venture capitalist of today shared his career advice, and you ought to pay heed.The worlds leading venture capitalist of today shared the career advice below almost a decade ago. While the advice is targeted at the young, I think the experienced ought to pay heed.In the past decade, weve seen grand old companies, esteemed professions, and entire profitable industries evaporate, almost overnight. Marc Andreessens advice makes sense for all professionals looking to stay afloat in our turbulent herunterkommen economyThe first rule of career planning Do not plan your career.The world is an incredibly complex distributionspolitik and everything is changing all the time.You cant plan your career because you have no idea whats going to happen in the future.You have no idea what industries youll enter, what companies youll work for, what roles youll have, where youll live, or what you will ultimately contribute to the world. Yo ull change, industries will change, the world will change, and you cant possibly predict any of it.Trying to plan your career is an exercise in futility that will only serve to frustrate you, and to blind you to the really significant opportunities that life will throw your way.Career planning = career limiting.The sooner you come to grips with that, the better.The second rule of career planning Instead of planning your career, focus on developing skills and pursuing opportunities.Ill talk a lot about skills development in the next post. But for the rest of this post, Im going to focus in on the nature of opportunities.Opportunities are key.I would argue that opportunities fall loosely into two buckets those that present themselves to you, and those that you go out and create. Both will be hugely important to your career.Opportunities that present themselves to you are the consequence - at least partially - of being in the right place at the right time. They tend to present themse lves when youre not expecting it- and often when you are engaged in other activities that would seem to preclude you from pursuing them. And they come and go quickly- if you dont jump all over an opportunity, someone else generally will and it will vanish.I believe a huge part of what people would like to refer to as career planning is being continuously alert to opportunities that present themselves to you spontaneously, when you happen to be in the right place at the right time.You can read the whole thing here.Hope youre having a wonderful holiday seasonIm rooting for you.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

You Had Me and Then You Totally Lost Me

You Had Me and Then You Totally Lost Me You Had Me and Then You Totally Lost Me Im watching 60 Minutes and they have on a really moving piece about a small town in Ohio, and they interview this guy whos probably in his late 40s/early 50s and hes explaining how he used to have a great job managing a hundred people, but then his company shut down and he cant find work. Theres a video of him as a senior executive a year ago, and then they show him now, and hes not clean shaven and he looks older and tired and he explains how his house is being foreclosed on and my eyes are filling up with tears for him and for all hes lost.And then the interviewer asks him how many resumes hes sent out and he said he thinks it is about one hundred and twenty-three.Wait.What?One hundred and twenty three?Back when I worked in HR in a good economy and decided to look for a new job, I sent out at least that many resumes before I found a new position. At any kind of senior level there are always just a f ew vacancies at any one time, so you need to be sure you reach as many people as you can.I sent at least 100 resumes to recruiters who specialize in HR, because who knows which one would have the perfect opening? Most of those were recruiters I had some connection to, but some were strangers. I sent out quite a few to networking contacts. I applied for probably 40+ advertised positions. And I wrote to companies I was interested in, even if they didnt have an advertised vacancy.The position I got actually came about because I emailed my resume to Korn Ferry, a recruiting firm who already had my resume and who had actually interviewed me in the past. But when I sent my resume to them again, I got a call within the hour from a headhunter who was looking for someone with my exact background. I have no idea why she didnt find my resume in a database search, but she didnt. And three rounds of interviews later, I had the job.I think that job probably cost me around 250 resumes and that was nt a bad economy. How is this guy a symptom of a terrible recession because he sent half that many resumes and didnt yet find a position?For me, this was a reminder of how few people actually have a clue about how to look for a job. Yes its tough right now. And yes there are millions of people who simply dont have the qualifications to find work in such a bad economy. But this guy wasnt one of them. He just hadnt been smart about how he looked for a job. Id bet money he didnt even have a LinkedIn profile.How do we change that? How do we reach people like him? There are tens of thousands of free resources or low-cost programs that could teach him how to look for a job, but hes clueless. And so, apparently, is 60 Minutes because their reporter seemed horrified at the fact that one hundred and twenty-three resumes hadnt got him a job. *sigh*

Friday, December 6, 2019

The History of Resum Definition Refuted

The History of Resum Definition Refuted Resum Definition at a Glance But if youre expected to take advantage of a specific terminology, make sure this is used. For example, if you submit an application for a Chinese-English interpreting job, you have to be fluent in both languages otherwise you would not really qualify for the position. Resuming the main database also resumes any of its secondary databases which were suspended as the consequence of suspending the key database. If youre trying hard to think of any, you can attempt employing the job descriptions of ads inside yur industry, in addition to looking at LinkedIn profiles of folks working in similar roles. Many work in the public service or academia will take a thorough CV to be submitted as a member of a work application. You are also able to get a feeling of the internal language used within a specific industry or company. Our advanced technology can help you build your resume from one of our exquisite templates so you truly feel confident youre putting your very best foot forward as you step in the job marketplace. If one of these categories is a space in which you excel, visit its precise page to learn how resume skills may be used to your benefit. You must keep your resume short and sweet, but still consist of enough high quality information to generate an impression. Occasionally some info is intentionally omitted. Please scroll under the download box for mora data on the MSP business model, pricing approaches and evolution for a channel partner category. The Appeal of Resum Definition Make certain its tailored to not merely the position, but the provider also. By highlighting skills as opposed to work history, an individual can emphasize he or shes qualified for the job. If you are beginning your career, or whether you are changing career fields, you may consider a different resume type. Because your future career rides on the standard of your resume, it is necessary to get it right. Every significant company knows that gaining a sustainable competitive benefit is essential to the long-term success. But you could also list other resume sections based on the job that youre targeting. Attempt to compose a targeted resume for every single job. If you follow these instructions, you are going to get more interviews and will probably get hired for a better job. Try to remember, your target is to catch the hiring managers eye and stick out from the remainder of the paper in that pile. Its also important to think about the type of work you really are interested in being hired to do. Rather than having a work history section at the summit of your resume, you may have an expert experience or accomplishments section that lists various skills you have developed through the years. Simply take the opportunity to come up with a strong functional resume. Some hiring manager can believe that youre hiding something which in fruchtwein case is what youre doing. Its well suited for career changers and people with gaps in employment. In the majority of instances, a resume objective is simply a couple of sentences long. Think about your resume from the view of HR. A resume objective that could apply to anybody or any kind of job isnt useful. In the area of job hunting, relevance is important. As a job seeker, your resume needs to be in a position to do the exact thing as a way to land you more interviews. Infographic resumes arent for everybody, however, and on occasion a traditional resume will be more appropriate, based on the situation. This sort of resume may be OK for somebody who is experienced, but if youre switching careers or are only going into the workforce, this kind of resume will most likely help you end up in the no pile. If you dont want to use a resume objective, you can merely use a heading below your name that indicates the kind of job that you want to apply for. The list has to be clear and easy on the eyes also. Yo ure going to learn what the answers are. Resume highlights information concerning the experience, skills and studies applicable to the objectives that should be met in a specific job for which youre applying. At the peak of the resume is a list of someones skills and qualifications. You might also incorporate your communication and disciplinary abilities, along with highlight how patient youre with your students. Educational information is included together with certifications and distinctive skills. Also, ensure the skills you add are the absolute most relevant to your career objectives and the strongest. These tricky language skills must do the job.